Kim van der Bijl

Get to know Kim Expertises: family law, inheritance law, inheritance mediation, divorce mediation. Kim van der Bijl is a passionate and experienced lawyer and mediator in the field of family law and inheritance law. She uses her legal knowledge and experience as a means to guide you during your divorce to then continue with confidence […]

Henriëtte van Pelt-de Jong

Get to know Henriëtte Expertise: family law. Henriëtte van Pelt-de Jong is a dedicated and empathetic family law attorney. Due to the area of law in which she works, Henriëtte often encounters her clients at a time when their lives are turned upside down and a lot is going on, also in areas other than […]

Anke Schellekens

Get to know Anke Expertises: family law, divorce mediation. Anke Schellekens is an experienced specialist in personal and family law. She is goal-oriented and solution-oriented, takes the lead, and is practical. If disputes can be resolved in consultation, that is always preferred. If mediation or a collaborative divorce process is not an option, she fully […]