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Amos Kroll

Meet Amos Expertises: employment law, restructuring and reorganization, insolvency law. Amos Kroll is an incisive and experienced attorney in the areas of employment and insolvency law. From these areas of expertise, he provides advice and is regularly appointed receiver in bankruptcies. Furthermore, he deals with restructuring issues in the broadest sense. In recent years he […]

Rien Hoek

Get to know Rien Expertises: corporate law, restructuring and reorganization, mergers and acquisitions. Rien Hoek is a driven and experienced lawyer in the field of corporate law and labor law. With his commercial insight, he successfully resolves business trade disputes and negotiates creatively to achieve an optimal arrangement for you as a client. This results […]

Maarten van Essen

Get to know Maarten Expertise: labor law, insolvency law, corporate law. Maarten van Essen is driven, decisive, and to the point. He listens well, switches quickly, works from the relationship, and is practical and creative. All this with the aim of solving problems quickly and well. Maarten will proactively unburden you. A customer about Maarten: […]

Kristel Dorrepaal

Get to know Kristel Expertises: labor law, corporate law, privacy law. Kristel Dorrepaal is an assertive and dedicated attorney in the field of labor law, corporate law, and privacy law. As an attorney, she finds it important to make contact with you. This allows her to communicate effectively with you and explain things clearly. So […]

Henk-Jan Ligtenberg

Get to know Henk-Jan Expertise: procurement Law, labor law, tenancy law, privacy law. Henk-Jan Ligtenberg is a pragmatic and solution-oriented lawyer in the field of labor law, procurement law, and privacy law. Each expertise brings different challenges and skills. Where procurement law is about switching quickly, labor law appeals to Henk-Jan’s social and communication skills. […]