Ronald de Bruijn

Maak kennis met Ronald Expertise: construction law, real estate law, enforcement and economic criminal law. As a carpenter’s son, Ronald became acquainted with construction at an early age. Building something together that you can be proud of is an important motivator. Ronald advises a lot on contracting in construction and is happy to assist companies […]

Margot van Tol

Get to know Margot Expertises: construction law, real estate law. Margot van Tol is a pragmatic and determined attorney in the field of construction and real estate law. She supports and advises you on legal questions about the rights and obligations between citizens. In addition, you can turn to Margot for legal issues about realizing […]

Rudolf van Binsbergen

Get to know Rudolf Expertises: procurement law, construction law, environment and mileu, real estate law. Rudolf van Binsbergen is an experienced and astute lawyer in the field of procurement law, construction law, environment and mileu. What intrigues him is the relationship between government and citizens when it comes to land and public space. As an […]

Michiel van Essen

Get to know Michiel Expertises: real estate law, attachment law, dispute resolution, rental law. Michiel van Essen is a decisive attorney. Goal-oriented and combative on the content, but at the same time constructive and pleasant in dealing with. You see this reflected in his way of working. Michiel is a sharp jurist, but does not […]