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Michiel van Essen

Get to know Michiel Expertises: real estate law, attachment law, dispute resolution, rental law. Michiel van Essen is a decisive attorney. Goal-oriented and combative on the content, but at the same time constructive and pleasant in dealing with. You see this reflected in his way of working. Michiel is a sharp jurist, but does not […]

Henk-Jan Ligtenberg

Get to know Henk-Jan Expertise: procurement Law, labor law, tenancy law, privacy law. Henk-Jan Ligtenberg is a pragmatic and solution-oriented lawyer in the field of labor law, procurement law, and privacy law. Each expertise brings different challenges and skills. Where procurement law is about switching quickly, labor law appeals to Henk-Jan’s social and communication skills. […]

Tineke Splinter

Get to know Tineke Expertises: construction law, rental law, commercial contracts. Tineke Splinter is a decisive and pragmatic attorney. She supports and advises you on legal issues and litigates if necessary. With her analytical skills and level-headed view, she always sees the whole and knows how to maintain the right focus. Tineke’s communication is transparent […]