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Commercial contracts

Are you considering entering into a partnership? Then engage one of our specialists.

What are commercial contracts?

Commercial contracts are agreements between two or more parties regarding business transactions. Think, for example, of trade agreements, franchise agreements, distribution agreements, agreements for the sale of movable goods, and loan agreements. Drafting, reviewing, and modifying such contracts is a specialty where legal knowledge and experience are essential.

What can you expect from us?

Our specialists offer you expert guidance in drafting and reviewing various agreements.

Legal design is becoming more important. More and more clients appreciate that legal information is made visually accessible. Think, for example, of an employment contract. The aim of this is to make complex information clear at a glance, without the legal texts that are difficult to read for many. The challenge, of course, is to ensure that the design does not detract from the legal usability and status. Our specialists are happy to commit to this.

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