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Corporate Law

Have you built a successful business and would you like to expand by taking over another company? Do you want to start a collaboration and set up a joint venture for this purpose? Or do you have a dispute with a supplier about the delivery of your product or service? Then engage one of our specialists in the field of corporate law.

What is corporate law?

Corporate law is a broad field of law that focuses on the legal aspects of entrepreneurship. Corporate law exists to support and protect you as an entrepreneur in setting up and implementing your business operations. This can involve setting up a business, entering into partnerships, drafting and reviewing contracts and terms and conditions, and conducting procedures in disputes.

What can you expect from us?

As an entrepreneur, it is important to know what your rights and obligations are and how you can legally safeguard them. Our experienced specialists from the Corporate Law practice group can advise and guide you excellently in this. By taking legal work off your hands, you can continue to focus on what you are good at: entrepreneurship.

We can assist you with, among other things:

  • Company law: setting up a business, entering into partnerships, and advising on the right legal form;
  • Takeovers: guiding the entire takeover process, from drafting a letter of intent and conducting a diligence to completing the takeover;
  • Contract law: drafting, reviewing, and adjusting contracts and terms and conditions;
  • Collection: taking collection measures and conducting legal proceedings in case of payment arrears;
  • Insurance law: advising on and handling insurance matters;
  • Intellectual property: protecting your brand, copyright, patent, or design;
  • Privacy law: safeguarding the privacy of your customers and employees;
  • ICT law: advising on and solving legal issues in the field of ICT.

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Do you want to know more about corporate law? Our specialists are happy to tell you more about it.

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