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Divorce Mediation

Sometimes the emotions in your divorce run so high that they prevent finding a good solution. Then divorce mediation can offer a solution.

What is divorce mediation?

If you and your partner are separating and you want to arrange the consequences of this in consultation, you can opt for divorce mediation. This is a process in which the parties involved resolve their dispute themselves with the help of an independent third party: the mediator. The mediator assists you in making agreements on matters such as alimony, the division of assets and debts, and – if there are minor children – a visitation arrangement.

Mediation is therefore a different way of dispute resolution than submitting a case to the court. The judge makes a decision based on the parties’ positions; the mediator looks at the interests behind the positions.

What can you expect from us?

The specialists at Wille Donker can assist you as a mediator in your divorce. To ensure that each family member can move on after the divorce, our specialists guide both the practical and legal matters as well as the emotional process. Once you and your partner both recognize and can place the emotions surrounding the divorce, you can work together towards an agreement.

We record agreements about the care and upbringing of minor children in a parenting plan. Our specialist informs you about everything that is involved. Then we look for an arrangement that not only fits your wishes but is also legally and fiscally sustainable. Once we have recorded all agreements, our specialists ensure that the formal part is arranged in writing at the court.

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Do you want to know more about divorce mediation? Our specialists are happy to tell you more about it.

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