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Inheritance Law

Are you dealing with a conflict around the inheritance? Then engage one of our specialists.

What is inheritance law?

Inheritance law revolves around the settlement and distribution of an estate. The estate includes all assets and debts left by a deceased person. Heirs are legally obliged to distribute this estate according to inheritance law. Think of the distribution of real estate, bank balances, debts, and personal belongings.

Unfortunately, there are often also uncertainties about the rights and obligations of the heirs or conflicts arise around the estate. Uncertainties and conflicts around the estate only increase the loss and grief of your loved one. Assistance from a specialized lawyer can help to prevent escalation and resolve conflicts.

What can you expect from us?

Dutch inheritance law is a complex and comprehensive field with many special aspects. Our lawyers within the Inheritance Law practice group have specialized knowledge in the field of inheritance law. They are happy to assist you in advising and assisting on all topics around the settlement and distribution of estates.

We can help you with the following disputes, among others:

  • The settlement and distribution of an estate;
  • Pure or beneficial acceptance of an estate;
  • The rejection of an estate;
  • The liquidation of an estate;
  • Undoing a legal distribution;
  • Invoking a testamentary disposition or legitimate portion;
  • Contribution of donations to an estate;
  • Paying out paper donations;
  • Annulment of a will;
  • Dismissal of an executor;
  • Estate mediation;
  • Advising on drafting a will.

Of course, based on our specialist knowledge, we determine what your position is. But in addition, there is an eye for the other aspects that are important to you, such as the desire to come to a settlement as much as possible in harmony with other parties involved – often family. We choose an approach and determine a strategy based on the goals that are important to you.

Inheritance Mediation

What makes many inheritance cases complex are the family ties. Mediation can then offer a solution. A mediator helps parties to come to a joint solution, so that the distribution of the estate can take place in a fair and harmonious manner. The specialists of Wille Donker can assist you as a mediator in your inheritance disputes.

Want to know more about rejecting an inheritance? Watch the video below from De Rechtspraak.

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