Inheritance Mediation

Do you want to come to a joint solution when dividing an inheritance or resolving disputes between heirs? Then inheritance mediation can offer a solution.

What is inheritance mediation?

As heirs, you are often family to each other. If disputes are brought before the court, this often leads to a lengthy and costly battle. And such a confrontation can easily strain family relationships. There are therefore several good reasons to choose inheritance mediation as an alternative to conducting a procedure before the court.

In inheritance mediation, the focus is on providing a neutral and confidential environment in which parties can discuss their positions and interests. In this way, a solution can be found that the parties come up with together. This has several advantages. Parties have control over their own process and the outcomes. They can get much more insight into each other’s interests and can adjust their attitude and the solution accordingly. The effect of this choice is that the relationship between the parties involved often suffers much less damage than in a procedure before the court.

What can you expect from us?

Our specialists can assist you as a mediator in your inheritance disputes. The goal is to come to an agreement together with all parties involved. In other words, decisions are not made over or for the parties involved, but with and by the parties involved. We do this by sitting down with all parties at the same time, where there is also room for the often relevant emotional and relational aspects.

Our specialists guide you in this process and provide you with legal advice. In this way, we find a solution that is acceptable to all parties involved and is therefore their own solution. Our clients often mention coming to a solution together as a benefit of inheritance mediation. A solution is found together and precisely through the process of hearing, seeing, and placing each other’s interests and viewpoints, such a solution can be achieved. The (family) relationships are not unnecessarily put under pressure.

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