Insolvency Law

Is your business in trouble and you see no more possibilities to continue the activities? Or are you wondering how to prevent bankruptcy? Then engage one of our specialists in the field of insolvency law.

What is insolvency law?

Insolvency law deals with the legal aspects of insolvency, also known as bankruptcy. It provides the rules and procedures that apply when you as an entrepreneur are faced with financial problems. The aim is then to achieve a fair and efficient settlement of these situations, representing both your interests and the interests of the creditor.

Within insolvency law, there are different procedures that can be followed, depending on the situation and the parties involved. For example, you can opt for bankruptcy, where all your assets are sold to pay off the debts. You can also opt for a suspension of payments: a process in which you temporarily get a deferment of payment to put things in order.

What can you expect from us?

Wille Donker is specialized in insolvency law. This means that we can provide you with expert guidance in a complex and challenging situation. We offer you not only legal insight, but also strategic advice. In this way, we achieve the best possible result together with you in the event of a (threatening) bankruptcy.

From our expertise in the field of insolvency, the court also regularly appoints our specialists as a trustee in bankruptcy or as an administrator in a suspension of payments. Our many years of experience with suspensions and bankruptcies also enable us to accurately map your situation and assess which steps we need to take to assist you as well as possible.

Our bankruptcy reports can be consulted via the Central Insolvency Register of

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