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Construction law

Do you want to realize a construction project? If you have a disagreement with your client or contractor? Or does the municipality not find it plausible that your construction plan complies with the relevant administrative law regulations? Then engage one of our specialists in the field of public and private construction law.

What is construction law?

Private construction law oversees the agreements that parties make among themselves. Think, for example, of the agreement between the client and the architect or the client and the contractor. In that agreement, arrangements are made about, for example, the construction time, the price of the (additional) work, risk distribution in case of construction stagnation (for example as a result of a construction stop imposed due to the presence of a protected animal species), bank guarantees and/or quality assurance.

Administrative construction law oversees the rules that the government imposes on you when building. For example, you are not allowed to build a house or modify a monument without the necessary permits. You also need to have the necessary permissions during construction. Think, for example, of permission under the Nature Conservation Act in connection with the presence of a protected animal species at your construction site.

What can you expect from us?

Wille Donker has specialists who can assist you in both the administrative and the private part of the construction process. This mutual cooperation between our specialists means that they can guide you well during the entire construction process, from A to Z. They can also advise you on aspects in the construction process that lie at the intersection of administrative and private construction law. Think of land exploitation or the imposition of toleration obligations under the Obstruction Act Private Law or the Water Act.

Some examples for which you can engage our specialists:

Whatever you engage our specialists for, you can always assume that we think along with you pragmatically and proactively. We prefer to do this at the earliest possible stage of the construction process. In this way, our specialists can help you to organize your construction process as efficiently as possible.

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Do you want to know more about construction law? Our specialists are happy to tell you more about it.

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