Procurement Law

Do you want to put out a contract for (European) tender? As a business owner, are you interested in competing for tenders? Or do you want to know if objecting to a contract award decision has a chance of success? Then engage one of our specialists.

What is procurement law?

Procurement law is a set of rules that governments and other public institutions must adhere to when purchasing works, supplies, and services. These rules are included in national and European laws and regulations. The purpose of the rules is to ensure fair competition and transparency in tenders.

What can you expect from us?

Applying the procurement rules correctly is complicated. In practice, things often go wrong in a procurement procedure. The rules used are in conflict with the legal rules or the rules have not been applied correctly. As a result, a party may unjustly miss out. We are happy to assess whether a procedure is promising in such a situation.

Our lawyers can support you in all legal aspects of tenders. For example, you can think of:

  • Advising on the rules and procedures for tenders, both nationally and European;
  • Assisting in the preparation of tender documents and the review of tender documents;
  • Supporting in negotiations with the contracting authority;
  • Advising and litigating in summary proceedings about tenders.

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Do you want to know more about procurement law? Our specialists are happy to tell you more about it.

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