Our expertises

Wille Donker advocaten offers you high-quality legal services. Our specialists are committed to providing customized service to optimally assist you in your legal matter.

What can we support you with?

Attachment Law
If you want to seize the debtor’s property.
Commercial contracts
If you want to enter into an agreement with a party in the business field.
Corporate Law
If you need legal support in your business operations.
Dispute resolution
If you are dealing with a conflict at a commercial or private level.
Divorce Mediation
If you and your partner are separating and you want to arrange the consequences of this in consultation, you can opt for divorce mediation.
Energy and Sustainability
If you need advice or support on issues related to energy and sustainability.
Enforcement and Economic Criminal Law
If you need advice or support in an enforcement process.
Environment and Nature
If you need advice or support in preparing the development of a spatial project. Or if you fear the spatial consequences of someone else’s project.
Family Law
If you need advice and legal support regarding your divorce, marital agreements, alimony, child custody, and property division.
Inheritance Law
If you are dealing with a conflict over estates.
Inheritance Mediation
If you want to come to a suitable solution together in disputes over inheritances.
Insolvency Law
If your company is dealing with financial problems.
Labor Law
Als u te maken heeft met een conflict met uw aannemer of opdrachtgever.
Labor Law
If you are dealing with a conflict at work or with your employee.
Mergers and Acquisitions
If you want to merge with a company or take over a company.
Privacy Law
Als u juridisch advies wilt op het gebied van privacybeleid voor uw bedrijf.
Procurement Law
If you need advice or support in a procurement procedure.
Real estate law
If you need advice or support in developing, buying or selling and operating real estate.
Restructuring and reorganization
If you need to restructure or reorganize your business.
Tenancy Law
If you need advice or support when renting or leasing real estate.

An engaged & diverse team with more than 15 professionals

Wille Donker advocaten has extensive experience and expertise in-house, but is also always close to you as a client. This allows us to offer you optimal legal advice.