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Financial statement filing deadlines

Book 2 BW provides deadlines for the preparation and filing of financial statements of private companies. The board must prepare financial statements no later than five months after the end of the fiscal year. The general meeting may extend this period for up to five months. This makes the deadline for preparing financial statements 10 […]

Big players must pay small suppliers within 30 days

In March of last year, a bill was introduced by the State Secretary of Economic Affairs and Climate to halve the current maximum allowed payment period for small and medium-sized businesses. The bill should curb the dominance of big business and reduce the financing deficit of small and medium-sized enterprises. The proposal received a large […]

Major changes in corporate law in 2022

In this document, we have outlined the major changes in corporate law for 2022. Should you have any questions about what this means for your organization, the Corporate Law practice group is readily available to answer them.

Discrepancy between statutes and a shareholder agreement: how to prevent it?

Anyone who establishes a corporation must draw up statutes. Often, when a company is established or when the statutes are amended, the notary’s model statutes are used. If there are multiple shareholders, they sometimes enter into a shareholder agreement among themselves. But what happens if the statutes and the shareholder agreement conflict with each other? […]

The contractual penalty as a big stick

It regularly happens that contracts contain a penalty clause. The purpose of a penalty clause is often twofold: on the one hand, an (additional) incentive to perform and, on the other, a way to fix in advance the extent of the damage suffered by the creditor if the debtor does not fulfil his obligations. In […]