Double surname bill passed

Last Tuesday, the double surname bill was passed by the Senate. The new law allows parents to give dual surnames to their children. The new law will take effect Jan. 1, 2024. The background of the law is that having two surnames can express the child’s attachment to both parents. In addition, a double surname […]

Income tax return | deduction (cost) of partner alimony

Since 1 March this year, you can file your 2022 income tax return. If you have incurred costs in 2022 to get or keep partner alimony or a buyout partner alimony, you may include these costs in your income tax return as a deduction. These include attorney fees you incurred. Note: this only applies to […]

Rising gas and energy prices and implications for child support obligations

Rising gas and energy prices can have a major impact on anyone’s monthly expenses, causing financial hardship. The one-time compensation option offered by the government is generally insufficient to cover the additional monthly costs. This can lead to additional monthly costs of hundreds of euros. The result may be that the stipulated alimony obligation cannot […]

Indexation of alimony 2023: 3.4%

The amount of child and spousal support is indexed annually. For 2023, the index is set at 3.4%. This means a 3.4% increase in alimony effective Jan. 1, 2023. We keep our clients informed of the indexing rate annually, even after the case is completed. If you are not a client but would like to […]

Kim van der Bijl joins the partnership

Effective July 1, 2022, Kim van der Bijl joined the partnership of Wille Donker attorneys. Kim has been a lawyer for fifteen years, lives in Alphen aan den Rijn and has been with our firm since 2018. We are happy to have Kim as part of the partnership. Kim is a passionate and experienced specialist […]

Do/do not substitute consent to vaccinate young child. Judge decides: not

The coronavirus has led to many questions. So is the question of getting oneself and/or one’s children vaccinated. With divorced parents exercising joint custody, this can be a topic of discussion. This is evident from the recent ruling of the Amsterdam court. Vaccination is classified as medical treatment. For children under the age of 12, […]

Access to the ‘digital legacy’

More than 150,000 people die each year and therefore about the same number of estates are settled. Almost without exception, deceased people leave behind digital “possessions,” such as social media accounts, email accounts, documents stored in the cloud and (usage rights to) all kinds of media and entertainment. This is also known as the “digital […]

Order to move back to sole custodial parent

On 15 October 2021, the Supreme Court ruled that even in cases of sole custody, there is a basis to restrict the custodial parent’s freedom of choice regarding the child’s place of residence. In March/April 2019, mother moved abroad with the parties’ daughter. Mother had sole custody of daughter at that time. The court charges […]