Judge curbs rent increase in free sector

On August 3, the cantonal judge in Amsterdam ruled on an unfair rent price change clause (ECLI:NL:RBAMS:2023:4800). The clause in question allowed the landlord to increase the rent annually based on the consumer price index, with the option to increase the rent by up to an additional 5%. The dispute arose because the tenants were […]

Retention right: a powerful tool, but not always

The right of retention is a strong pressure tool for creditors. The classic example of the right of retention is the garage that does not release the repaired car until the owner of the car has paid the repair bill. A contractor can also exercise the right of retention on a project he has completed […]

Expanding housing valuation system through Affordable Rent Act proposal

The continuous rise in rents and housing prices and the dire shortage of housing has caused much political turmoil recently. The Minister of Housing and Spatial Planning is therefore taking action by now regulating middle rent in addition to social renting. To make this happen, the Minister has launched a bill for consultation: the Affordable […]

Municipalities can already save on cost reimbursements in WOZ cases now

There is currently much talk about agencies making money from objections to WOZ assessments. Municipalities have complained for years about the strain these objections place on their organizations and financial resources. Secretary of State Van Rij is now pushing hard with measures to curb the “earning model” of no cure no pay companies (“NCNP companies”) […]

Judge prohibits use of heat pump due to noise pollution

A heat pump seems like a wonderful sustainable solution. In the north of the country, however, this sustainable solution came at the expense of the neighbors’ night’s rest. They did not let it rest and initiated a summary proceeding. The outcome shows that it is possible to act on noise pollution from a heat pump. […]

Current Legal Issues in Real Estate

A short interview of Rudolf van Binsbergen was posted in INTO business. Rudolf leads the professional group that deals with real estate development and construction. Below, Rudolf outlines three themes that are coming up a lot right now and what Wille Donker can do in them. 1. What does the mid-rent freeze mean for my […]

Board of Arbitration in Construction Disputes: war in Ukraine is unforeseen circumstance

Prices for raw materials and commodities have skyrocketed in recent months. The extreme price increases are due in part to the war in Ukraine. With price increases, many contractors are asking whether the agreed contract price can be changed. Recently, the Council of Arbitration in Construction Disputes ruled that the client could not hold the […]

We have moved!

We are proud to announce that we have moved as of October 1, 2022. We have moved into a modern and contemporary office, located in a beautiful location on the N11. We thus choose a central location in the Green Heart. Our new address is Klipperaak 201 in (2411 ND) Bodegraven.

Housing Act update

Municipalities often want new homes for sale to be offered to “own” residents first. They sometimes impose this on developers as a requirement. These agreements are not permitted and may be annulled [1] . An amendment to the 2014 Housing Act should make it possible to regulate the owner-occupied market though. The proposal also provides […]