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Corporate Law

The Corporate Law Practice Group is active in a wide range of areas, including partnership law, takeovers, contract law, general terms and conditions, debt recovery, insurance law, intellectual property, data protection and ICT law.

Lawyers from the group are able to provide advice on many of the problems that entrepreneurs encounter, and, where necessary, to undertake legal proceedings on their behalf. Several of Wille Donker’s lawyers are true specialists in this field of law, having acquired many years of experience or taken specific training. Being totally at home in the magistrates’ courts, the high courts and the Enterprise Section of the Appeals Court, these professionals have the knowledge and experience needed to give first-class advice and procedural support.

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Specialists in Corporate Law

mr. drs. Maarten van Essen M.C.G. (Maarten) van Essen, MA LLM mr. M.P.C. (Michiel) van Essen M.P.C. (Michiel) van Essen, LLM mr. J.W.C. (Jan Willem) Hoek J.W.C. (Jan Willem) Hoek, LLM mr. Rien Hoek M.J.W. (Rien) Hoek, LLM mr. Amos Kroll A.Y. (Amos) Kroll, LLM mr. J.H. (Henk-Jan) Ligtenberg J.H. (Henk-Jan) Ligtenberg, LLM mr. C.A.B. (Cristian) Plomp C.A.B. (Cristian) Plomp, MSc LLM mr. drs. G.B. (Gerben) Plomp G.B. (Gerben) Plomp, MSc LLM mr. Jeroen van der Pouw Kraan J.N. (Jeroen) van der Pouw Kraan, LLM mr. Jan Verhoeven J. (Jan) Verhoeven, LLM

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