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Wille Donker’s Government Practice Group advises and acts for clients in administrative law, spatial planning, environmental law, public procurement, state aid, government liability and Public Private Partnership. Indeed, the group handles all matters related directly or indirectly to the process of government.

Wille Donker’s client portfolio has long included a variety of municipalities and municipal agencies. In addition, the firm assists private individuals and non-governmental organizations who are in dispute with the authorities. Since they are used to seeing cases from both sides, our lawyers are alert to all the factors that may play a role in a given situation.

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Specialists in Government

mr. Rudolf van Binsbergen C.J.R. (Rudolf) van Binsbergen, LLM mr. M.P.C. (Michiel) van Essen M.P.C. (Michiel) van Essen, LLM mr. J.C. (Corina) Hoogendoorn J.C. (Corina) Hoogendoorn, LLM mr. J.H. (Henk-Jan) Ligtenberg J.H. (Henk-Jan) Ligtenberg, LLM

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