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Insolvency Law

Wille Donker can provide expert assistance at times of financial difficulty. The Insolvency Practice Group’s lawyers are extremely familiar with liquidation work and the settlement of debt suspension cases. Indeed, they are often appointed by the courts to act as official receivers.

The expertise that the practice group’s personnel have built up by acting as receivers enables them to provide sound insolvency support to corporate clients. Even better, they are often able to help clients avoid insolvency through prompt and appropriate action.

The group’s insolvency reports can be consulted online.

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Specialists in Insolvency Law

mr. Amos Kroll A.Y. (Amos) Kroll, LLM mr. drs. Maarten van Essen M.C.G. (Maarten) van Essen, MA LLM mr. Jeroen van der Pouw Kraan J.N. (Jeroen) van der Pouw Kraan, LLM mr. J.W.C. (Jan Willem) Hoek J.W.C. (Jan Willem) Hoek, LLM

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