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Wille Donker also offers commercial and divorce mediation services.

When two people or organisations disagree, emotions often run high. And sometimes the feelings involved can get in the way of a settlement. In such circumstances, mediation offers a way forward. The mediator brings the two sides back into contact and helps them talk over their differences constructively. The aim is to enable the disputing parties to work out their own solution. Mediation is therefore quite different from litigation, where the settlement is ultimately decided by a judge. Most lawyers will, of course, try to resolve a dispute as efficiently as possible, but mediation often means that potentially lengthy legal proceedings are avoided altogether. The mechanism therefore has a lot to recommend it.

Mediation can be a good way of resolving both commercial and personal disputes. It can provide a solution when a divorcing couple are at odds over the terms of their separation, for example, and in other family disagreements. Employment disputes, issues between neighbours and disagreements within or between businesses and other organisations can also lend themselves to mediation. Whether mediation is an appropriate route depends on the attitude of the two sides. It can work only if both parties are genuinely committed to trying to work around their difficulties with a view to finding a solution.

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Specialists in Mediation

mr. Vera Smeets V.T.M. (Vera) Smeets, LLM mr. K (Kim) van der Bijl K. (Kim) van der Bijl, LLM

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