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Family Law

The lawyers of the Family Law Practice Group are concerned on a day-to-day basis with legal matters regarding starting and ending relationships (cohabitations, marriages, registered partnerships, parent-child relationships etc.). Such changes demand and deserve a careful and diligent arrangement concerning all relevant topics. With this, the financial and emotional interests of all parties involved need to be properly protected and taken care off, making expert legal assistance essential.

Wille Donker advocaten provides high quality, bespoke support on all aspects of Personal and Family law. Our professionals are all specialists in their own way and they all have the specific experience needed to operate in the field of divorce (including legal separation, termination of registered partnerships and the separation of cohabiting couples), prenuptial agreements, property sharing, maintenance, care and authority, inheritance, adoption, wardship, receivership and mentorship. Our professionals also have a great deal of experience assisting entrepreneurs who are dealing with matters concerning Family Law. The expertise needed to calculate maintenance payments in self-employment cases and the ability to analyse accounts and company structures is of course available.

Naturally it is best when an amicable solution can be found. Especially if children are involved. Unfortunately trying to reach an amicable solution can prove difficult, and differences that can’t be resolved by discussion sometimes need to be settled in court. When legal proceedings do prove unavoidable, the lawyers of the Family Law Practice Group have ample experience to provide the assistance required.

The lawyers of the Family Law Practice Group also offer divorce mediation services. For more information on this you can reach Vera Smeets. In addition to being a lawyer she is also a so-called separationmediator and she has ample experience in the field of mediation. She is a member of the association of Family Lawyers and Separation Mediators (vFAS).

Mentioned and indexation
Under the Dutch Law child- and maintenance support payments are indexed annually. All clients are annually timely informed about the correct percentage; even when the case has been closed. In case you are not a client, and you do want to be informed about the correct percentages you can subscribe via info@willedonker.nl. You will then receive a so-called indexationmessage by mail at the end of each year.

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Specialists in Family Law

mr. Vera Smeets V.T.M. (Vera) Smeets, LLM mr. K (Kim) van der Bijl K. (Kim) van der Bijl, LLM mr. A.H. (Daniëlle) de Jong A.H. (Daniëlle) de Jong, LLM

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