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Real Estate

The Real Estate Practice Group has specialist knowledge of matters such as construction liability, estate agent liability, soil pollution, complex Public Private Partnership contracts, boundary law, public procurement, ground exploitation, spatial planning, building permits,  soil pollution, land development, environment law, the Municipalities’ Statutory Right of First Refusal Act and the Public Works Act.

The Real Estate Practice Group lawyers also handles cases on real estate transactions, liability for concealed defects, easements (equitable servitudes), legal expiry of rights, apartment rights (disputes in owners’ associations), excavation damage claims, tenant law and illegal squatting.

Wille Donker, your partner in real estate!

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Specialists in Real Estate

mr. Rudolf van Binsbergen C.J.R. (Rudolf) van Binsbergen, LLM mr. M.P.C. (Michiel) van Essen M.P.C. (Michiel) van Essen, LLM mr. J.C. (Corina) Hoogendoorn J.C. (Corina) Hoogendoorn, LLM mr. J.H. (Henk-Jan) Ligtenberg J.H. (Henk-Jan) Ligtenberg, LLM

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