Cristian Plomp

Cristian Plomp specializes in corporate law and insolvency law. He is known for his structured and meticulous way of working, where he sees collaborations with clients as a co-production.

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Expertise: insolvency law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate law.

Cristian Plomp is a driven and proactive lawyer in the field of corporate law and insolvency law. These areas of expertise are in line with each other, which appeals to Cristian. Thanks to his experience in consultancy, he knows better than anyone how to approach a case in a project-based way. This means that he is not only used as a legal expert, but also increasingly takes on the role of guiding the entire process.

A characteristic of Cristian’s way of working is that he works in a structured and clear manner This gives him the opportunity to provide you with concrete tools, such as an action list. As a client, you know what to expect and when. In addition, Cristian sees his work as a co-production: as a lawyer, he brings the legal knowledge, you provide the information. Met dezeWith this interaction, you achieve the best result together. behaalt u samen het beste resultaat.

“Many parts of the legal profession are very businesslike and formal. I like to do things a little differently. I always try to do my work with a smile. After all, that’s also a tool you can achieve a lot with, for example in a meeting or a discussion.”

Member of
  • Association for Young Insolvency Law Lawyers (JIRA)

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