Henriëtte van Pelt-de Jong

Henriëtte van Pelt-de Henriëtte van Pelt-de Jong specializes in family law. Her accessible and human approach ensures that she can support her clients well, always keeping an eye on the whole.

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Expertise: family law.

Henriëtte van Pelt-de Jong is a dedicated and empathetic family law attorney. Due to the area of law in which she works, Henriëtte often encounters her clients at a time when their lives are turned upside down and a lot is going on, also in areas other than the legal one. It is then important to switch quickly. Therefore, communication with Henriëtte is always low-threshold and accessible, and she is easily reachable.

For Henriëtte, it is important to have contact with you on a human level. Only then can she really mean something to you as a lawyer. Henriëtte keeps an eye on the big picture; not only the client is important, the children must also be considered. This requires an approach that looks beyond the legal issue that you as a client present. It is also important to know what is going on with you on a social, emotional, and psychological level and what is needed in this.

“The biggest compliment for me as a lawyer is if I don’t see you back as a client. This may sound strange, but it means that the agreements we have made are sustainable and provide a good basis for working on a new future.”

Member of
  • Association of Family Law Lawyers Divorce Mediators (vFAS) aspiring member

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