Attorney (partner)

Jan Verhoeven

Attorney (partner) Jan Verhoeven specializes in corporate law. He has extensive experience in guiding acquisitions and solving complex (legal) issues, including disputes between shareholders.

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Expertise: general practice

Jan Verhoeven is a dedicated and goal-oriented lawyer. He is active in the field of corporate law. With his commitment and conviction, he contributes to solutions for complex legal problems and complicated disputes between shareholders. In addition to knowledge of the legally relevant environment, he pays attention to human behavior: what personal considerations and motivations play a role, for example in conflicts between shareholders. And what is needed to come to sustainable solutions.

Jan opts for a goal-oriented approach. In determining the goals of his commitment, he pays attention to the (underlying) interests. He determines what really matters to his client and which (achievable) goals are chosen. Based on this, he chooses a logical strategy.

“As an attorney, I find it important to determine the real interests from a good relationship with the client. What does the client navigate on? I like to challenge my clients. This often proves to be very useful. In this way, it becomes clear what really matters. From those personal drives and motives, you come to relevant goals and a strategy that fits the client. I find it beautiful to achieve real solutions in a good relationship with the client and from mutual trust.”

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