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Attorney – mediator (partner)

Kim van der Bijl

Kim van der Bijl specializes in family law and inheritance law. For years, she has been unconditionally committed to her clients as an attorney and mediator, with the aim of giving them confidence in the future again.

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Expertises: family law, inheritance law, inheritance mediation, divorce mediation.

Kim van der Bijl is a passionate and experienced lawyer and mediator in the field of family law and inheritance law. She uses her legal knowledge and experience as a means to guide you during your divorce to then continue with confidence and certainty in life. She also uses her expertise to assist you legally and with attention to all emotions, in the settlement of the estate after the death of a loved one. She does this in an accessible, involved, and personal way.

In addition to being a lawyer, Kim is also a mediator. In this role, she mediates in conflicts between two or more parties. She carries this approach into her work as a lawyer. Instead of immediately following the path to court, Kim seeks dialogue with the other party to see if a solution can be reached that feels good for everyone. If that doesn’t work? Then you can count on Kim to fully commit to achieving the best possible arrangement for you in court.

“In family law and inheritance law, I come into contact with people who are in the most vulnerable situation of their lives. In both cases, there is a loss. And that involves a form of grief. That grief often comes with a lot of uncertainty. As an attorney and mediator, I therefore see it as my goal to guide you during the process with the end goal of being able to face the future again.”

Member of:
  • Mediators Federation Netherlands (MfN)
  • Association of Family Law Lawyers Divorce Mediators (vFAS)

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