Kristel Dorrepaal

Kristel Dorrepaal deals with labor law, corporate law, and privacy law. With her assertiveness and dedication, she is able to understand all the legal problems of her clients.

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Expertises: labor law, corporate law, privacy law.

Kristel Dorrepaal is an assertive and dedicated attorney in the field of labor law, corporate law, and privacy law. As an attorney, she finds it important to make contact with you. This allows her to communicate effectively with you and explain things clearly. So no unnecessarily long and complicated recommendations, but practical advice that immediately provides insight into what your chances are.

Understanding the substantive matter of a legal issue is where Kristel excels. However, she never loses sight of the human side. Kristel realizes that a legal problem affects you personally. By taking into account the emotional impact of the problem on you as a client, she can better support you in making important decisions.

“The fact that I can mean something to you as a lawyer by researching everything legally in detail gives me great satisfaction. An important driving force for me is that I can translate this into what your possibilities are. I want to make the legal language that we as attorneys use understandable to you.”

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