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Maarten van Essen

Maarten van Essen specializes in labor law: individual and collective dismissal law, flexible labor relations, labor conflicts, reorganizations, incapacity for work, co-determination, (unilaterally changing and/or harmonizing) terms of employment, (collective) employment contracts, non-competition and relationship clauses.

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Expertise: labor law, insolvency law, corporate law.

Maarten van Essen is driven, decisive, and to the point. He listens well, switches quickly, works from the relationship, and is practical and creative. All this with the aim of solving problems quickly and well. Maarten will proactively unburden you.

A customer about Maarten: “Our cooperation was very pleasant. I like to make quick decisions. You also act quickly and without too much “fuss”, except when necessary.”


“Knowing customers, their story, their interests, and contributing to achieving their goals: that gives me satisfaction and drives me in my work.”

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