Margot van Tol

Margot van Tol specializes in construction and real estate law. She strongly believes that the highest achievable result is achieved by looking for suitable solutions together with you.

Get to know Margot

Expertises: construction law, real estate law.

Margot van Tol is a pragmatic and determined attorney in the field of construction and real estate law. She supports and advises you on legal questions about the rights and obligations between citizens. In addition, you can turn to Margot for legal issues about realizing real estate and existing real estate, both between companies and between citizens and companies.

Characteristic of Margot’s way of working is her punctuality, analytical attitude, and pragmatic approach. This method enables her to approach your legal issue with precision and find clear solutions. By working closely with you, Margot also gets a clear picture of your situation. This, combined with her determination to achieve the highest possible result, assures you as a client of tailor-made legal support.

“In my role as a attorney, I not only strive to look for legal solutions for your situation. I also think it’s important to create an environment where you as a client feel understood and supported. In this way, we work together towards the highest achievable result.”

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