Michiel van Essen

Michiel van Essen specializes in real estate law and corporate law. In addition, he advises and litigates on business disputes.

Get to know Michiel

Expertises: real estate law, attachment law, dispute resolution, rental law.

Michiel van Essen is a decisive attorney. Goal-oriented and combative on the content, but at the same time constructive and pleasant in dealing with.

You see this reflected in his way of working. Michiel is a sharp jurist, but does not lose sight of the legal matter. Michiel is pragmatic and solution-oriented. He is genuinely interested in you and your story. Michiel is a good listener. From there, he looks for the best solution to your problem. Sometimes that’s a seizure or a lawsuit, but a settlement negotiation is also in good hands with Michiel.

“As an attorney, I am involved in conflict situations on a daily basis. It’s always about business interests, but often there’s more going on beneath the surface. Then emotion also plays an important role. I always pay attention to this in my approach. It gives me satisfaction if I can remove the sting from a conflict in this way and contribute to a good outcome for the client.”

Michiel completed the Grotius specialization course in Real Estate cum laude in 2022.

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