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Rien Hoek

Rien Hoek specializes in corporate law and labor law. With his years of experience, he succeeds together with his clients in achieving the most optimal end result.

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Expertises: corporate law, restructuring and reorganization, mergers and acquisitions.

Rien Hoek is a driven and experienced lawyer in the field of corporate law and labor law. With his commercial insight, he successfully resolves business trade disputes and negotiates creatively to achieve an optimal arrangement for you as a client. This results in long-term relationships with clients, based on mutual trust.

Characteristic of Rien’s way of working is the close contact between him and his clients. This is essential to find out what you want to achieve. By brainstorming together, it is possible to formulate appropriate objectives. The focus here is not on the maximum, but on the most optimal end result for you as a client. This sometimes requires a lot of thinking and creativity, but Rien is happy to take on that challenge.

“From all perspectives, the end result for you as a client must be the best solution. I achieve this by working together with my colleagues. Because we complement each other, we can achieve an even better result for you. I find that a beautiful process..”

Member of
  • Member of the Association of Labor Law Lawyers Netherlands (VAAN)
  • Member of the Association of The Hague Labor Law Lawyers (VHAA)

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