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Ronald de Bruijn

Ronald de Bruijn specializes in construction law and special criminal law. Thanks to his broad education and experience in several areas of law, he is able to maintain an overview and provide practical advice, even when things get complex.

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Expertise: construction law, real estate law, enforcement and economic criminal law.

As a carpenter’s son, Ronald became acquainted with construction at an early age. Building something together that you can be proud of is an important motivator. Ronald advises a lot on contracting in construction and is happy to assist companies that encounter legal obstacles or problems. Project developers can also count on expert assistance. From the purchase of the plot to the delivery of the project. For larger projects, Ronald likes to work in a team with attorneys from different disciplines. With his knowledge of different areas of law, he knows how to connect them and deliver quality.

Sometimes companies experience that they are dealing with criminal law. Think for example of a serious industrial accident or a suspicion of committing environmental crimes, involvement in official corruption or money laundering. Because Ronald also knows the other side of the table – he was a prosecutor and has worked as a judge and councilor – he knows how to separate main issues from side issues and where the risks lie. Expect a critical attitude from Ronald towards the functioning of investigative authorities. A rule of law can only function properly if the government also adheres to the rules of the game.

It is satisfying to keep clients away from the judge by ensuring that their affairs are in order. This way you ensure that you have to go to court less quickly. If something unexpectedly goes wrong, I am happy that I can assist clients with my expertise. That really makes me happy. t’s nice to contribute in a positive way to building and innovating the Netherlands. With my sharp, but always constructive attitude, I can help my clients move forward.”

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