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Rudolf van Binsbergen

Rudolf van Binsbergen is specialized in procurement law, construction law, environment and mileu. Within these areas of expertise, he always acts on the cutting edge; he goes to extremes for his clients.

Get to know Rudolf

Expertises: procurement law, construction law, environment and mileu, real estate law.

Rudolf van Binsbergen is an experienced and astute lawyer in the field of procurement law, construction law, environment and mileu. What intrigues him is the relationship between government and citizens when it comes to land and public space. As an attorney, he therefore advises companies and governments on public-private partnerships (PPP), procurement, project development, and complex real estate transactions.

Characteristic of Rudolf’s way of working is that he quickly gets to the heart of the matter. He uses his many years of experience and critical attitude to create a playing field where the best approach to your file can be considered. Is there emotion in the file? Then he makes it discussable. He then takes you by the hand to come to a solution together. The ultimate goal is to ensure justice together with you, which makes the Netherlands a little better.

Rudolf is also involved as a guest lecturer and Moot Court judge at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law of Leiden University. In addition, he is a member of the Administrative Law Committee of the Hague Bar Association.

“What I love about my profession is that I can give my clients a good night’s sleep. You come in with a lot of questions and uncertainty. What should you do with this case? As a lawyer, I can offer you perspective in such a stuck situation. By taking legal work off your hands, you can continue to focus on what you are good at: entrepreneurship.”

Member of

  • Association for Environmental Law (VMR)
  • Association for Construction Law (VBR)
  • Association of Construction Law Lawyers (VBR-A)

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