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Sam van Santen

Sam van Santen specializes in corporate law, where he mainly deals with commercial contracts. he relationship with you as a client always comes first.

Get to know Sam

Expertises: ondernemingsrecht, beslagrecht, commerciƫle contracten

Sam van Santen is an enthusiastic and driven lawyer, who achieves the best result from a personally strong bond with his clients. Characteristic of Sam’s way of working is that he strives to connect with the other party. He only litigates when it is really necessary. In addition, he looks beyond just the legal aspect; Sam also pays attention to what something means to you on a social and financial level.

Before Sam puts something on paper, he invests a lot of time in getting to know you. He does this by communicating openly with you and asking direct questions such as: How do you feel about this situation? And what are your concerns about this? From that relationship, Sam not only looks at your issue, but especially at what you as a client need. This may mean that you come in with A, but leave with B.

“I see the law as a guideline, not as a challenge. It gives me a hold when I want to advise you or when I represent you in a lawsuit, but there is also room for interpretation and creativity. From that thought, I help you to the best result. And that is not necessarily winning. Sometimes winning can also be losing.”

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