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I.A. (Iris) Hoen, LLM


mr. Iris Hoen

Iris Hoen has been with Wille Donker Law since May 2012 .1st January 2018 Iris was appointed as a salary partner. Iris Hoen began her career in 1995 at KPN, where she worked as an employment lawyer and senior adviser on compensation and benefits policy. In 2003, she became Senior Legal Counsel at the VBS, an employers’ organisation representing schools that are not State managed. As well as providing consultative and procedural services, Iris Hoen was regularly involved in negotiating collective labour agreements for the primary and secondary education sectors, as a member of the employers’ delegation. She has also served on various advisory and expert groups established by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Iris was formally admitted to the advocacy in January 2009 and is a board member of the Association for Lawyers and Legal Aid Providers in Education (varO). Except in educational law and labour law she specialises in privacy law. Iris is CIPP/E qualified and member of the IAPP, the largest global privacy community. Iris has comprehensive GDPR knowledge and understanding to ensure compliance an data protection in Europe.


Mail to hoen@willedonker.nl
or call +31 (0)172 - 23 65 72

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